Your Guardian Angel

Have you every met your guardian angel? We all have at least two guardian angels. Our guardian angels travel with us from heaven and will travel with you through your life back to where you came from at the end of your life.These Angels guide our hearts and actions throughout our lives and are not associated with any religion. Your Guardian Angels belong to you only. Your angel chose you. We often can hear a tiny voice from within. Sometimes it’s a thought or a whisper. We will know that it is our guardian angel if the words are positive, reflective guiding us to something loving in our lives. Our guardian angels appear and guide us out of situations that could cause us harm. As humans we have free will. Calling on our Guardian angel for help will give them the opportunity to guide us. Our angels love us unconditionally. Our minds and hearts are sometimes limited by our lived experiences. Our angels can only see the beautiful soul they have committed to guide.

You can get to know your guardian angels by bonding with them.

You can read books about angels, journal with your guardian angel, acknowledge their presence and talk with them.

Today connect with your guardian angels. Ask them to give you a sign of their presence. You may feel a brush of wind near your face, a slight nudge, tingling at the top of your head. These are all signs of your guardian angel’s presence. During your day pause and take a deep breath calling on your guardian angel to keep you present and aware of the goodness within and around you. Before you go to sleep thank your guardian angels for their guidance and ask them to guide your dreams.

Guardian Angel Prayer

Guardian Angels, in this moment here and now I call upon you and ask for your help. Please guide and assist me today. Help me to stay present, positive, and open to the miracles of life in every moment.

Help me to cultivate the presence, willingness, and strength needed to act in alignment with my highest truth and to live in accordance with my Divine Life Purpose.

Help me to clearly know my highest and best next steps. Help me to stay open to the blessings and opportunities the Divine and Universe want to align for me.

Help me to stay open to Divine Inspiration and guidance. And to act in alignment with Divine Will so that I may be of service towards others in alignment with Divine Will and in alignment with my highest truth and light.”

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