You make a difference

We often meet people who change our lives for the better just by their presence. When I worked in hospice, I grew in ways one could never imagine. I recognized some dormant gifts within myself, waiting to be revealed. I realized how fragile life is and how important it is to live in the present moment in gratitude for the many blessings present each day. Walking the journey with people at the end of life was a privilege and humbling experience.

The team members I worked with changed my life and were my family. As a team, we worked hard to be present as our patients and family members grappled with choices to live life on their terms. We experienced the pain and loss as our patients moved on. We coached each other, cried together, prayed together, and loved each other.

When we leave work situations, we make memories but often leave our colleagues behind. Facebook has been a beautiful tool to connect friends and family and, yes, former work colleagues.

This past week I learned of the death of one of my work colleagues from Evercare Hospice. I felt like a piece of my heart fractured. She was a vibrant, funny, and compassionate woman. She loved life and was one of the kindest Human beings I have ever met. She was only 40 years old. When we worked together, she worked as a hospice aide. This is one of the most demanding positions working in hospice. Gentleness and compassion are essential parts of this position. As members of a team, working closely with one another was vital to the success of our patients and families. Even though we live miles apart, we are all connected. Hearts and souls are connected as one. So although Sara is gone from our earth plane, she will always be connected to each of us. We live in a fragile world. Even as I write this, I feel connected to the people fleeing from the tsunami caused by the volcano eruption under the ocean and the hostages at synagogue in Texas. We are all connected. My choice to love causes a ripple effect of light and love energy. This week spend time sending love and peace to our earth. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire the beautiful reflection looking back at you. Say the words “I love you” out loud. Notice how you feel. Our affirmations this week will focus on gratitude.

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