You are enough!

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations, whether work or family, where we feel we should be doing more. We may be in situations where others did not listen to our suggestions because they were unique and different. So the outcome had unforeseen issues arise. We may feel disappointed because we know the result could have been different, but all of us need to experience our journeys. You can’t save others from the pain they may experience because of their choices. But we can be a presence of love and kindness. We can be compassionate and provide empathy to those who have these experiences. Imagine being passed over for a position you thought you were suited for and then didn’t get it. It doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have done well; what it means is that there something better on the horizon that you cannot see yet. Earth provides us with the most extensive classroom ever. There are so many lessons Offered to us each day, and we get to make choices about how we will respond. Having a positive attitude versus having a negative attitude will provide the outcome that we desire. Sometimes our higher selves guide us to varied experiences because we require healing from our past experiences that have been suppressed. We may say, when in a situation that repeats itself, why is this happening to me again? And that’s the answer! Once we recognize that it is happening again, we can make different choices. That’s where the healing begins. Our higher selves will provide guidance to help us work through aspects of ourselves that we can handle.

We will be given guidance from human angels and Godly Angels to help assist with our healing. Learning to love ourselves in each moment is the key that opens the door to our authentic selves. Working through And releasing these experiences transforms and empowers us into authenticity and self-love. Your presence here on earth makes a big difference. Change can only come from within ourselves. This week ask your higher self for guidance to reveal your inner beauty and light. Don’t let fear get in your way. Remember what Jesus said, “Do not hide your light under a bushel.” You are the light! Let it shine bright!

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