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Winter Solstice

This week we will encounter the Winter Solstice. In our hemisphere, the winter solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the opposite. There is something magical about the Solstice. With the darkness, there is light. If you take the time to look up in the sky at night, you will see the beauty of the stars. These are the stars that led the Magi to the stable. There is such beauty in the darkness. Our sight has to align with that which we cannot usually see. During this time of year, we become disheartened by the early nights. In some places, it becomes dark at 4 pm. During this time Mother Nature calls us to be still, to reflect and be present. It is a time to slow down to rest and be present to our own needs. This darkness calls us to open our hearts in search of the beauty deep within. There is so much light in the darkness if we would only take pause. How many of us love to sit in the dark around the Christmas Tree! Watching the lights flicker in the darkness, awakens my soul. I experience a feeling of deep joy and love for something much higher. This feeling awakens the knowledge of how we are all connected and loved. This week

Take the time in the darkness to notice the light. Allow yourself to feel how this light can ignite the beauty of your soul.

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