This time we are living in appears to be surreal. Who can we trust? Many venues we have used in the past for real, unbiased news have become places where educated opinions become the truth. When did our ideas become truth leading us to believe only in duality? Good versus Evil or Right versus Wrong. Republican versus Democrat. I have a tough time watching the news now. The basic meaning of Trust is a "firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something."

We trust others all of the time, yet we are unaware. Here are a few insistences.

When we purchase goods and services, we trust that the description and price are reasonable. We also have laws in place that protect the consumer.

When stopped in our vehicles at a red light that turns green, we proceed with confidence, knowing that it is safe to move forward.

When holding a baby in our arms, that baby has placed his or her Trust wholly on us, and we trust that we have a family and small village who will teach us how to care for this brand new life.

Trust goes a little deeper, though. Have you ever had an experience where you felt uncertain or uncomfortable about something, so you made a different choice? Sometimes we know for sure that we will take the next step knowing that it is the right choice. Our instincts are based on Trust in ourselves.

I was taught that a person's word is important. If you listen carefully to another's words, you will come to understand their truth. For many years I have worked in Management with many different Teams of people. Working as a team was so crucial to its success. Yes, I was hired to supervise and manage a team because of leadership skills. I had many good qualities. Each person on my team had the skills and qualities that I may not have possessed. I placed my trust in my team, knowing that we would accomplish our mission and purpose if we worked together and utilized all of our gifts. I was also creating an atmosphere of Trust among peers, and later some of my team members would become leaders too. We are living in a moment with blind Trust. It is time to believe in what it is we cannot see. Many beings are assisting us now so that we can successfully transform our earth. Fear, power, and control are not the answer anymore. We, as one human family, must protect our birthright of dignity, freedom, and love. Otherwise, we will all continue to suffer loss. We are all connected. We are one human family on this planet called earth.

We are living in a beautiful moment of opportunity and hope. If we trust ourselves to look past the smoking mirrors, we will witness a moment like no other! I am ready. Are you?

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