To Surrender

Most recently, I have recognized the importance of surrendering to love. It has been a prayer that I have offered two or more times a day in the past couple of weeks. When I surrender, I open my heart to God’s unconditional Love. Doing this allows my heart to open to unimaginable possibilities.

So many times, I witnessed patients surrendering at the end of life. Letting go of their bodies while embracing the unknown. Their souls/spirits guided them offering them Love waiting on the other side. Family members present in this moment would witness this letting go and somehow find peace with the realization that the patient was not alone. When we surrender, we learn to live in the present moment, letting go of the past and the unknown of the future. This may not be easy because we tend to plan out our lives and try to control our future. When we let go of the need to control, we allow for new opportunities that await us.

Giving up control is not an easy task, and it means I have to let go of my agenda. So many of us live life believing that our world (our little bubble) is more important than anyone or anything. We are one community. So many of us want to help our fellow human beings, and sometimes what they need is our supportive presence to make their own choices and the freedom to become their true selves on their terms. Ultimately our task is to love ourselves. If we can do this, the gift we offer to our community will be our peaceful presence, kindness, Love, and ability to heal our world.

This week take the time to surrender to love/God. If we open ourselves to this task, we may find that this Love is the presence of God in our lives. The mantra is below:

Loving Creator

I surrender myself to love

I release all that no longer serves me

And open my heart to receive your unconditional Love

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