The State of your Heart

The state of our world reflects the state of our hearts. The world is in chaos, and it is as though we are just watching a movie and are awaiting the climax. Will, there be a disaster, or will we all be saved?

We walk around asleep, vaguely noticing the issues around us, apathetic and ignorant. We believe it has nothing to do with our personal needs, so keep on our paths in our puffed-up little worlds. Each of us was raised with specific beliefs and values. These reflect the history of our families. What is the state of your heart? Is it closed because you were hurt so often that keeping it closed offers a safe refuge? Is your heart open to new opportunities, hopeful and expectant? A person with a closed heart misses the love constantly provided by others and nature. It is easy to live with a closed heart. Unfortunately, this is why our world is in such chaos. Sometimes people will perceive that a person with a closed heart doesn’t care and is selfish and bitter. Yet they are holding on to the pain from years of disappointment, loss, and discouragement. The only way to save our world is to face the pain trapped within us. For many, this will be a challenge because of distractions outside ourselves. Facing the pain will mean self-reflection by opening our hearts and allowing the goo to flow out. Once released, you may feel lighter and hold a different perspective. You may recognize love waiting patiently deep within. You may recognize the love God so desires to offer you. Will you reach out and accept the love offered, or will you reject it? Receptivity is the first step to awakening the love residing in your heart. Once awakened, the world will become alive with endless possibilities.

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