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The Heart of love

How is your Heart today? This week we celebrated the winter solstice and the birth of Christ. These are strange times for most of us. Yet our hearts speak clearly, and a feeling of love breaks through. When we allow our hearts to lead the way, miracles abound. What blessings did you experience this week? Did you experience joy through someone else's kind words or gestures? Maybe you learned of a loved one's engagement, or perhaps you woke in Gratitude for the gift of another day. The celebration of Christmas offers us a new beginning, another chance to experience the gift of unconditional love through the birth of a child. Babies represent hope. They are expressions of the unconditional love of joy and help us to remember the child within ourselves. Although Christmas was different this year, I experienced love everywhere. Here are just a few experiences!

A husband recently lost the Heart of his soul, his wife. He stood by her grave and spoke to her with love from his Heart. He thanked her for the gift of love and told her he would see her again.

A teenager on the cusp of adulthood exhibited a joy that was contagious when he saw his family. He had grown overnight into a man. So found confidence in himself after being offered a part-time job. He had done well in his first semester of college.

A woman baking some of her favorites noticed she was not alone. She felt the presence of her loved ones around. They offered guidance and tips while she baked. It brought tears to her eyes as she felt their love and offered Gratitude for their constant presence in her life.

Love naturally flows within each of us. If we open our hearts and allow our love to flow, we will transform our world into heaven on earth.

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