The Heart of Gratitude

We are approaching the season of Thankfulness and Gratitude. It's a time for reflection and thanksgiving for the many gifts we hold dear in our hearts but sometimes forget. I enjoy this time of year because it calls forth our soul's beauty, including kindness, hopefulness, Thankfulness, and generosity of spirit. It is a time for magic and the transformation of lightness in the air. These last couple of years, we have slowed down, having been forced to live in the present moment. What has this taught us? What have we learned? Where does or Gratitude come from? And why is it so difficult for us to live this in our daily lives 365 days a year?

For What are you grateful? For me, Gratitude is a feeling that wells up inside of me when I allow love to flow through me into the universe. And when I allow myself to receive love offered freely. Of course, we are grateful for the many small gifts in our lives; our homes, jobs, cars, and material possessions. What happens, though, when these are gone? Our society tells us that our lives don't matter unless we have these things. Do they make you genuinely happy? So many of us are caught in a battle with consumerism and our hearts. What is it that really matters to you? It is so easy to hide behind our iPads, phones, TV screens, etc. I am grateful for the gift of my life, for Mother Earth, who offers love and nurturance daily. I am thankful for the ability to walk outside and breathe somewhat fresh air, to glance at the beauty of the stars in the sky. I am grateful for the small wonders like a turtle or a snake crossing my path. Our world is filled with judgment and pain. We become polarized and pitted against each other because of this pain, because of fear. We are taught that our world cannot be a place of love and peace because it is only achievable in heaven, not on earth. If we continue to live our lives believing all of this is our reality, we will miss the beauty and love surrounding us and living within each of us. We will miss the feeling of excitement as a butterfly flutters around our face, offering joy! Or the beautiful baby excited about the joyful smile and presence of her Nana.

It is a challenge for us today to find and experience Thankfulness! This week focus on the small things that bring a smile to your face. Recognize this as a gift and give thanks. Today my dog sat up next to me on our couch. He usually lies lazily in between my legs. He was pawing at me after I had just taken him out. Giaci loves hugs. I realized he wanted a hug. I scooped him up in my arms and held him for about 10 minutes. I was thankful for this time and the love from my little pup. He fell asleep in my arms, and I was able to receive the love he freely offered, grateful that I was open to his gentle prodding.

Have a beautiful week! Our affirmations this week will focus on Thankfulness!

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