The Gift of Family

At this time of year, I give thanks for my family. There are so many types and meanings of family.

For each of us, family will have a different definition. Family consists of individuals who have assisted in our growth and evolution in society. In the past, I would have believed that family consisted of two parents and their children. Growing up in an Italian family, I soon realized that family was a much broader concept. My family unit consisted of my parents, sisters, grandparents, my aunts, and uncles. My understanding of family has genuinely evolved. It now includes the human family. We are all connected in love. I was luckily born and raised in a family with love as its center. I always believed that we were all connected. I struggled at times with this because not all people were loving toward themselves or others they met. Most of the time, this reflected their lived experiences. As an adult, I was blessed to experience a family of choice which consisted of friends from my various work experiences and the neighbors around us. God had offered me a gift of love. Would I accept this gift? As I grew and evolved in my spirituality, I knew that the choices of love I made could impact the people around me. Some of the choices I made created sadness and loss for family members, and the response of joy and acceptance from others. Our choices can either paralyze us because we hold on to the past or propel us into the future by releasing the loss and pain and Choosing love. Why are we here at this time in history? There is so much transformation around and within us. We are called to love ourselves deeply. To receive and offer forgiveness. And to become our authentic selves. When we open our eyes and hearts, we will recognize the larger human family we belong to. Our time to experience and express love has come to face us in this present moment. How will you and I express our gratitude this season! Thank you for being part of my family. I am truly blessed!

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