The Gift of a Mother

This weekend is Mother's Day in the USA. It is a time to celebrate the gift our mothers have been and continue to be in our daily lives. Many of us often forget the many challenges our mothers endure to care for our needs. I often wonder why we only offer this day of celebration to our mothers when we should be celebrating their gift to us each day. Did you know that each of us chose our families before we were born? I was born into an Italian family. I was blessed to know and experience love from my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. In my family, I had many mothers. As I grew, I realized just how lucky and blessed I was to experience so much love and commitment from the many women in my life. My mother and I have always shared a special bond and intimacy. This is something I am genuinely grateful. As a child, I strove to be like my mom. She was and is one of the most gentle, compassionate, kind, generous, and powerful women I know. Her love for each of us is unconditional. Many of us will never fully understand the choices our mothers made. Choosing to be a parent is the most challenging job in our society. I have met some adults who have difficulty understanding the decisions their mothers made. Some children only tolerate their mothers, hoping their mothers will meet their expectations of what a mother should be. I learned a long time ago that I could hold a grudge about the way I was raised, or I could be grateful and celebrate the fact that we all made it to adulthood, including my parents. I realized that my parents were doing the best they could with the knowledge and experience from their own family of origin. Our mothers had their own families and met many challenges along the way. If you are American, chances are either your parents or grandparents were immigrants who experienced difficulties we could never imagine. How many of us actually know our family history? How many of us have listened to our mothers' stories and then thanked them for making the hard choice of actually becoming a parent? Mother's Day is every day! I am so blessed to have been loved by so many women throughout my life. Happy Mother's Day to each of you! The gift of your love lives brightly within my heart center!

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