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The meaning of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. We experience so many small joys like watching a new baby change and grow, evolving into their beautiful authentic self. We watch them as they struggle to maintain their true self throughout their school years amid peer pressure. Then one day, we witness with joy and excitement their accomplishments as they receive their high school diploma. They will embark into a fragile world, holding onto dreams filled with hope and expectancy. How will we respond as a collective? Will we shoot down their dreams as naysayers? Or will we be open and ready to listen and be present for new opportunities? Transformation is happening all around us. Releasing our old ways does not mean that they were not valid in the past. After all, those ideas created our present moment. Can we set aside our egos having all the answers, and listen with encouragement to the unfolding of our future? For some, this is a time filled with fear and trepidation. For others, it is a time filled with joy and expectancy, creating heaven on earth. Letting go and releasing the pain will make room for the love that awaits deep within each of us. Love has been present for centuries, pushed aside by the power and control of a few. Now is the time to release the pain and forgive ourselves for rejecting the love offered to us. Let’s embrace with love the success of our brave children, now adults, while we encourage them to make their dreams a reality. Congratulations to all of us as a collective! We are indeed blest to bear witness to our future! Congratulations, Isabella Marie! It is an honor and a privilege to be your Aunt!

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