Storms of Life

I have noticed many unusual storms lately in various places around the world. Storms can be vicious, leaving destruction in their wake. Ultimately storms clear out what our Mother Earth feels she no longer needs. This can leave people devastated by the loss of property and sometimes life. Storms are meant to be cleansing and can bring a renewal of hope. I work in an environment that has been quite negative at times. Lately, people have found a better way to communicate. Last night we had a big storm, so today folks seem to be unsettled and unhappy. We are all here on this earth for one purpose to learn how to love ourselves as our Divine loves us. We all take different journeys to attain this goal, and sometimes it can take a few lifetimes to realize what our true purpose is. When we hold in our feelings or spew our displeasure with ourselves at others, it impacts everyone and everything around us. The pain and need for healing present themselves to us in order to help us to recognize the need to love ourselves. Sometimes when presented with a person who is angry or unkind, we pull back and question ourselves, wondering if we did something to offend another. Remember, we are all on the same journey but at different places. Each person must work through their pain. We can offer a kind word and or prayer for their well being and ours. This week notice how you are feeling at different given moments. Don’t judge the moment; just allow it to flow and reflect on what triggered your responses. Then offer these kind words to yourself, “I am on a journey to love, and I love you just the way you are.”

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