Staying Connected

How do you remain connected to the ones you love? This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. For many, this will be the first gathering in almost two years. But for many, this Holiday will be a reminder of loved ones no longer with us. How have you kept in contact with the ones you love? We can quickly become overwhelmed and distracted with thoughts like "they don't care about me.." "Why should I call them? They should be calling me?" It is such a battle sometimes between our ego and our heart. When we are in fight or flight mode, our ego, and soul most likely conflict, not connected as one. Our imagination then gets the best of us, so we feel all alone and isolated by the time we have worked it out.

I find focusing on my breathing helps bring me back to the present moment and then feel connected to my true self. We do not know what is happening in another's life. We make assumptions and spin stories to comfort our egos because we feel left out; excluded. We are in the midst of a life-altering transformation. Part of that change is wrestling with our ego and heart; one pushes away the uncomfortable feelings, the other welcomes them, embracing the challenge. When we are aligned, and in the present moment, they work together, connected as one.

We make many connections in our lives. This week I resigned from the job I have held for two years. I wanted the staff to hear it together. I was startled by their reactions. I was met with tears of sadness by some staff members and shock by others. Why? Because I am a positive person, a spiritual leader, and help keep others positive in a challenging atmosphere. Those were some of the messages I received from coworkers. We make such a difference in each other's lives. Kindness, compassion, and being supportive of another person can change a person's outlook on life.

Thanksgiving is a time for us to connect with our loved ones on this earth and beyond. Celebrate them as you sit down for a beautiful meal. Bring their memories to life with your children and grandchildren. Your hearts will feel joy and peace! Thank you for reading my blogs! Have a beautiful week!

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