I love watching the summer and winter Olympics. Many men and women work hard to achieve a place among other athletes in competition. They represent the best of our countries. So our support of the many challenges they face along the way is imperative for their success. I know in my heart that I could never meet some of the challenges, especially when it comes to gymnastics. When I was in school, I dreaded having to practice the various bars.

One has to know themselves deeply to achieve the physical and mental awareness to accomplish such a feat. This week Simone Biles showed such love and respect for herself when making a choice to leave the competition. She recognized that her physical and mental awareness were not in balance. She chose to leave the competition because she loves herself. By doing so, she opened the door for her other teammates, who now had a chance to compete and possibly medal in their perspective area of expertise. Simone Biles was representing the USA. Her Decision was made with love and respect for herself and her country. As members of one human family, we can all feel her sadness and pain. Now is the time for us to rally around her offering our healing gifts with cards, messages, and kind words.

This year was the first for skateboarding. One young man from Sarasota, Fl, Jake Llardi, competed for the first time. He landed 11th overall over every country competing. He was so disappointed that he was unable to do better. Hopefully, he will recognize how talented he is when he can reflect with openness on his fantastic experience.

Our athletes give us glimpses into ourselves. How we relate to ourselves is a reflection of our past experiences. If we can recognize the negative messages, we can learn lessons that can transform our lives. Negative messages help us to realize the fears that loom deep inside of each of us. These messages are meant to enable us to evolve. They do not define who we are.

This week pay attention to the negative messages. Write them down and reflect on who and where these messages came from. Then ask your angels and guides to help release them because they no longer serve a purpose in your life. Then ask your guides and angels to give you positive messages to use as affirmations. Have a great week!

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