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Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is something we all need. We encounter so many distractions each day. They include the TV, Internet, people, and the energy surrounding our environment. what does one do to cleanse themselves spiritually? Do you have a daily ritual? For me, it becomes problematic when I experience negative energy. I tend to think that this energy belongs to me. Most of the time, it belongs to another person, and because I am an empath, I take it on as my energy. We are all called to rise above the negative energy surrounding us and live deep within each of us. This is one reason why I post daily affirmations on Facebook. Doing this reminds me to care for myself and to be aware that we all struggle with what we perceive as our good and shadow selves. Honestly, our shadow Self is yearning to experience love and acceptance. Our old tapes repeat words like, “we are not good enough to receive this love or acceptance.” it’s time to release the old tapes to the universe; they no longer serve us. We are love incarnate! How do we know it is time. For a spiritual cleansing? When we feel down, weary, tired, irritable, sad, depressed, angry, resentful, to name a few. a spiritual cleansing helps to release all that no longer serves us; And allows us to feel light, happy, one with all it exists, healed, and loved.

This week I would like to offer some suggestions for spiritually cleansing your environment and yourself.

- use white sage to cleanse your environment. different types of sage include small bundles of dried sage for burning, sprays, and candles.

- take a cleansing bath using Sea salt

- energy healing using a Reiki practitioner

guided meditation included here

-sit in a quiet place in nature and call on mother earth for healing

-ask the divine, your angels, and guides for help they are always ready and waiting for us to ask for guidance.

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