What do you most love about yourself?

What do you fear the most?

What needs the most healing?

What word best defines what this year holds for you?

These questions may be helpful as we begin this new year. If we can understand ourselves and our own needs, then we will be able to manifest our dreams into a new reality.

What I love most about my self is my calming presence. This is a natural part of my core. I have often heard from others that I am a peaceful calming presence.

What I fear the most is other people's fear of life in general. When we live our lives in fear, we tend to make choices and decisions that can be harmful to ourselves and our neighbors. Unfortunately we have witnessed this extensively this past year all over the world.

I have worked hard this year in the area of healing. I have grown immensely. One area I continue to work on is judging myself when I feel I have not lived up to my expectations of myself. I find that when I put expectations on myself or others, I am searching for something I think I lack in myself. Of course, in our creator's eyes, we are already perfect. Yes, this is one of our life lessons here on this planet, and we are all on the way.

The word that best describes what this year will hold for me is transformation! I am ready for the mystery that awaits me. As each day unfolds, my prayer is that I will be open to discover the gifts offered.

This week spend some time listening to your heart's promptings. These questions are just a guide.

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