Self Care

How do you care for your needs when you are tired. I always find that by the end of the week, I am drained. Recently the company I work for asked me to help out at another office about 50 minutes away from my home. I love working at this office. The people I work with are down-to-earth, kind to one another and the patients they serve. Most of my day is spent with people, checking them in for various visits and screening for Covid symptoms after unlocking the door to let the patients into the building.

I still work the same hours but leave my home earlier and get home much later. By the end of the week, I find myself looking for a quiet place to rest my weary head. Lately, I have been reflecting on ways to better care for myself to avoid this feeling of being so tired. I have tried Things like listening to music while in the car, eating more healthy, and sitting quietly outside by our pool after getting home. Yet, I still experience feeling tired. What if what I am experiencing is a release of old energy that no longer serves me. Maybe the old patterns related to work and people are no longer valid. We have undergone such changes in the last year. Many people have made life-changing decisions about how they want to live their lives. It's obvious when watching our government struggle trying to communicate simple ideas. We are living amid an illusion. We have lived our lives with many limitations and have believed that there is only a right and wrong way of doing something. We live in a world of endless possibilities. When we see with the eyes of love, we experience self-compassion and empathy in ourselves and others. Then our world changes into something unimaginable.

Why am I tired? I am letting go of my past, letting go of old patterns that have not reflected my authentic self, for example: (people-pleasing). There is a heaviness in the atmosphere these days. I know as a collective that we are releasing the pain and hurt we have held onto for years, decades. It isn't easy sitting with our feelings without judgment. Allowing our emotions to flow will help us to feel lighter. Please think of the ocean with its ebb and flow. It doesn't think about why the current comes in and goes out. It is the natural ebb and flow of nature.

This week I will pay attention to my body and emotions with reverence and compassion. I ask for God's guidance and love to help me move through each moment. I will try to remain in the present moment and be kind and compassionate to myself. Will you do the same?

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