Season of Gratitude

Welcome to the season of gratitude and thanksgiving. With this season comes the anticipation of the holidays. A time for many as a whirlwind with little time for inner peace. Gratitude is a state of being.

For many of us, gratitude has become like a quid pro quo, meaning if one offers kindness, another will give me this or that, this comes from our ego. Genuine gratitude comes from our hearts. In my life growing up with seizures, I learned quickly that this life was a gift meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Each day I woke with gratitude and joy looking forward to the adventure of a new moment. Living in gratitude is not an easy task. We become jaded by the fear we are fed each day by others and the TV, so we lose the beauty that lives quietly within the depth of our souls. Living in gratitude allows us to enjoy each moment, to take a moment and breath. Gratefulness comes when we see and feel the beauty around us; The innocence of a child or the brilliance of each season in nature. This week take the time to be present. Let your mind release all of the days events without judgment and wait for the quiet. Once you have done so, allow yourself to experience the beauty within you and around you. Then will an attitude of thanksgiving say the words “l love you!” Then listen and feel the response from your soul.

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