Sometimes we have experiences that can change our lives. We meet people who touch our soul and, with wonder, ask ourselves if we have met this person before. There is a connection on a deeper level, a soul level.

Stephanie and Mike celebrated a life commitment surrounded by their family and friends last week. It was a joyous occasion and a beautiful reunion of family, friends. The couple was excited and slightly nervous. The ceremony was filled with elements of their expression of love. As I watched them together, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, knowing that their love for each other would help create a new world.

Robin and Abby changed our lives forever. We met on a cruise a few years ago. These two women knew how to live. They created an atmosphere of joy everywhere they went. Their love for each other brought healing and light to this earth. Robin lost her life in 2019. She was diagnosed with Cancer and died within six weeks. Abby came to visit us after losing Robin. She felt Robin close even after losing her.

She was vibrant and joyful despite her loss. Abby was diagnosed with Cancer eight months ago and died today. Today I could see them dancing together, laughing with sheer joy in their eyes. Their reunion is the essence of love.

Jesus' presence on this earth was the best example of unconditional love. He embodied the presence of God. Stephanie and Mike, and Abby and Robin embody the essence of love. Each of us is a fractal of God. A spark of pure love lives within each of us. We make choices throughout our lives. Our choices can take us down many paths. If we hold on to the spark within us, our lives evolve. Our openness allows us to meet our soulmates! And could be our family members, our friends, and strangers on the way. Allowing ourselves to be open will ignite the spark of love, creating a flame/passion that will change our world for the better. God is this spark of love! Take a look around you! Do you see the light! You are the light! I am the light! We are the light, and together we can transform this world!

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