Recipe for Love


It’s important to be receptive and welcoming to those who offer us, love. It begins with a loving God who is always present, showing us unconditional love.


We can often be hard on ourselves, impacting our ability to communicate love and gratitude with our loved ones. Recognizing that being human is a gift can help us feel empathy toward ourselves, leading to self-love.


Learning how to communicate with ourselves and others is a lifelong journey, and it is the key to any relationship. We come from different families with different communication styles, and recognizing this can provide openness to new worlds. Remember that listening is just as essential as communication.


Being in a relationship is learning the dance between independence and dependence. The balance is living interdependently. Each of us is uniquely beautiful. Our gifts are many, and we bring these to our relationships. If we are too independent, we may miss the cues offered by our partner needing support and love. If we are too dependent on our partners, we may push them away and lose the independence that will provide continued growth.

P- Patience

We live in a world that expects results immediately. Finding patience in ourselves is often a challenge. Centering ourselves and paying attention to our breath can slow us down and help us remain in the present moment where patience lives.


Joy is the key to life. Happiness allows us to view life with a bright perspective. Look for the beauty around you. Our Mother Earth offers the best array of natural beauty. Take the time to stop and smell the roses or watch a butterfly.


The best friend you could ever have is the one looking back at you in the mirror. What are the qualities you desire in a friend? Work on those qualities in yourself. And you will never feel alone.


Pain and fear keep us guarded and our hearts closed. Sometimes opportunities pass us by because of this. Opening our hearts leads to opportunities that create change and help us to evolve.


When we can respect ourselves with compassion and empathy, we can respect others and their needs.


The essence of all life! The beauty that lives deep within each of us


The importance of Searching for a positive outcome in any given situation is objectivity.


Allowing ourselves to slow down, stop and care for our own needs will evoke our vitality.


The Journey makes everything worthwhile! Unconditional love is the outcome!

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