I am blessed to have fruit trees in my yard. After three years, one has begun to bear fruit, our fig tree.

This year it has been exceptionally hot with lots of rain in Florida. Our fig tree was overgrown in mid-July, so I decided to prune it. I listened to my heart, channeled my two grandfathers who loved working with plants, and watched a youtube video. A few weeks later, I noticed a fig on one of the branches. I was so delighted. Today I decided to prune the tree again because it is overgrown. When I started reverently peeling back the branches, I noticed baby figs on some different branches. Wonder and joy filled my heart. I trimmed a few branches and decided to leave the tree alone.

As I was pruning, I reflected on our own lives. How often do we prune and release what no longer serves us? Each time I cut a branch off the tree, it released a milky substance. It often brings forth a shiver from within me. We are all connected. I would hate to bring pain to any living entity.

We have many opportunities to grow and evolve. Sometimes to accomplish this, we need to let go of old attitudes and beliefs. Letting go of what we know and understand is very difficult and can be frightening. The revelations that await can be transformative.

I want to share some ways I have pruned:

Let go of old wounds (with help from my angels and closest friends)

I am more aware of the negative words I use toward myself, having replaced them with positive and kind words.

When in conversation with another, I pay close attention to the words I use wanting to be respectful and kind.

When being judgmental in my mind, I ask for help from God and my higher self to guide me to the area I am feeling pain. Then I can focus with compassion and love on the area I am struggling with.

When I can perform these actions, my heart feels lighter and happy.

This week our affirmations with focus on pruning and new beginnings.

Have a beautiful week!

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