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For many of us, remaining in the present moment has become very difficult. Because there is so much chaos around us, it can be challenging to stay calm and centered. Have you noticed or sensed the energy when in the presence of people? You may notice that you feel relaxed and peaceful when around some individuals, and with others, you may feel unsettled wanting to move away. Each of us is energy at our core. Whether we are aware or not, we share our energy with each other. I have often heard from friends and strangers after entering my home, that they experience a peacefulness. This type of energy is emanated from myself and my wife, Catherine. I consider this to be a gift. Sometimes while sitting in my home, I become anxious. Yet there is no reason for this anxiety. I genuinely believe I am feeling the energy of our world. Being present in the moment is vital now. I know it can be difficult and challenging.

Each day I call upon the Divine loving God, the Angels, and my guides and loved ones to surround me with a shield that will help to protect my energy. I ask them to fill my energy center with love, peace, compassion, empathy, joy, abundance, integrity, hope, etc. I set my intention and begin my day. Being a presence of love and strength can offer others peacefulness.

Some days it is a challenge to remain a presence of love, so I turn to others to experience this energy. Our presence makes such a difference to the many people, and yes, animals we meet.

Here are a couple of tips that may help when you feel unsettled or frightened

1. See yourself in the eye of the storm where you are calm

2. Remember the bigger picture over and over again density is alchemizing into light

3. Observe the lense you are using to see your external reality

4. Try not to judge. observe your judgments during the day

5. When you find yourself getting anxious or upset stop to settle into your body and breathe

6. Practice taking time for yourself to be alone to re-energize

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