What is prayer? What invokes in you the need to pray..

Many faith traditions taught their faithful the way to pray and the reason for prayer

Growing up as a catholic, I was taught to pray to God, Jesus, and Mary and the importance of

praying for forgiveness as we were born as sinners. There was also the need to pray for the dead.

Prayer was an action when feeling powerless in a situation. Prayer is also a state of being. It is sitting in the silent stillness of the moment while listening with a keen awareness for a voice that calls us from deep within. Prayer offers us the opportunity to reflect on opportunities for healing. It also affords us time to get to know our God-self, the beauty of our true essence, love. As humans, we find ourselves very busy and stressed by so much around us. We busy ourselves with our tablets and phones always engaged in something outside of ourselves. Why is it such a struggle to sit in the present moment? What are we afraid of. Is it love we are scared of? We genuinely understand pain and fear because we live with it every day.

Do we not believe we are deserving of love? Taking the time to sit for even 5 minutes could make all the difference in our day. This week take the time to add to your schedule 5 minutes to be present. At that moment, focus on your breath and give yourself a break. You may find your mind racing and then slowly quieting. You may be surprised at what you hear from the voice deep within. Remember, the voice from deep within is the voice of love. So you will only hear words of love. Have a wonderful week.

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