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We have so much to be grateful for, yet we feed on negativity. We are literally on the cusp of losing it all to an old world filled with fear. Or are we on the brink of transformative new world order? This week will be very stressful and intense for all of us. We may or may not know the outcome of the Presidential race. It may create anger and anxiety for us. What helps you to feel peaceful? In what way can you prepare to remain calm and centered. Some people have agreed to send healing energy and pray for our highest good as a country throughout the day on Tuesday. I believe that the collective heart of this great nation desires to be healed. We have endured so much loss; we need to embrace each other with compassion and empathy; To feed each other with kindness and open hearts. It’s time to listen to our pain and the pain of our neighbors. We have the capacity to create the change we need to breakthrough the loss. Do we know our neighbors? Their experiences and history create their reality. We are all uniquely filled with hope for a better world. We are a rich nation overflowing with possibility.

This week search for positive stories. Spend time in nature. Create a space that is peaceful and calming. Play with your children, your pets. Remember that we are the change this country needs. Please be kind, compassionate, patient, and grateful.

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