Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties. Have you ever felt like you are on

A role getting something done forging ahead, then hit a wall or a barrier?

There are so many distractions on a given day that can cause us to forget our purpose or goal. We could wake up tired, miss eating breakfast, become distracted and irritated by another driver on the road, etc. Our world has changed so quickly. We are inundated with information on our phones and tablets on what feels like a minute to minute basis. How do you work through these barriers? Do you become sucked into the mayhem and lose yourself? Sometimes I do. When I find myself irritated and angry, I realize that I am overloaded and overwhelmed. The first feeling I have is to run! Run anywhere but where I am currently standing. This always takes me by surprise because no matter where I run, I will carry these feelings with me. Having feelings like these help me to realize I need some alone time. That could mean sitting in a quiet spot where I can be and allow the feelings to flow through me. When I analyze or judge my feelings, I block the natural progression of flow. I find repeating affirmations, asking my guides and angels for guidance, and breathing into the present moment can help me work through these barriers. How do you work through your feelings when you experience a wall or a barrier? We are here at this very sacred time to assist with healing ourselves, each other, and the universe. You are never alone!! We are in this together!

This week's affirmations will focus on perseverance. Have a wonderful week!

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