Past Life Regression

Have You ever heard the expression we are spiritual beings having a human experience? In this week's blog, I discuss Past Life Regression. We are genuinely ONE with the Divine already perfect. Love is our purpose. When our souls choose to incarnate, we choose our families and the life meaning we want to offer to our human family. A spiritual being incarnates with specific gifts. For example, I knew I wanted to be a priest at an early age. Why? I believe I am an old soul. Meaning I have been here many times before. My spirituality is healthy and vibrant. I was attracted to a religious field because I identified strongly with my faith. Something that always came naturally was being a healing presence of love. I have always felt connected to Jesus as a role model and guide. What comes naturally to you? Is this your passion?

Have you ever met someone who has said to you, "I know you," but you have never seen them before? What if you knew this person in a previous life? Does it sound strange or odd? I was taught from a young age what to believe. I later found that paying attention to my soul's call was most important to living out my purpose in this lifetime. Some of us struggle with our journeys, and sometimes we experience the same issues in multiple relationships or jobs. Why do you think this happens? It could be that our higher self or soul is offering us new ways of loving ourselves, and our egos get in the way, telling us that we are not good enough. The lives we have lived before can free us from the perceived bonds we hold in this lifetime. This week allow yourself to be present to your higher self your god-self. Pay attention to the messages you receive. Remember, the signals coming from your higher self and god self will only be positive. If the message is negative, it is your Ego trying to take control. If you are interested in past life regression, message me!



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