Our Success

The energy was fantastic yesterday. People were joyful, delighted, and dancing in the streets. There was a feeling of relief in the air. Did you feel it? Did you experience it personally? This energy can transform us so that we can create something new. For many having this experience helped to release the fear trapped within their hearts. We are diverse in our very nature. Each of us is unique to our core. One of our most extraordinary qualities as Americans is our diversity. As children, we were taught to embrace the rules and guidelines given to us by religions, educational institutions, government, and the military. If we lived a certain way and acted a certain way, we would better human beings. Living as our true selves is the only way to be authentic to ourselves and others. The child within each of us is calling us, asking us to reconnect, to be carefree. Our child within may feel wounded and lost by our inability to connect with this part of ourselves. Yesterday many people experienced hope, and many other people experienced a loss. For some, holding onto the past or the old days has brought security and uniformity. So facing the unknown could evoke fear and uncertainty. We are one country divided because we are so uniquely different. As individuals, our task is to be bearers of kindness, compassion, and hope. It begins with our neighbors, co-workers, and family members. So many may feel isolated or alone. It’s time to reach out with genuine love in our hearts and to face our anger and hurt head-on. If we can achieve this, we will be able to heal ourselves and each other. Our commitment to each other is equivalent to our success as a nation.

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