Our life Purpose

What is your purpose? Your passion?

Since I was a small child, I knew that I was a healer. I didn’t have the words or understanding to describe a healer, but my actions and feelings always gave me the desire to heal others. When people were sad, I found it easy to sit by their side and be present and offered words of kindness and peace.

I always wanted to be a priest. My sister always wanted to be a mother. I found this intriguing because being a mother was not something I felt comfortable with, but I knew my sister would be a beautiful mother.

A purpose is a deep calling that we are born with. Throughout our lives, we discover the many facets of our purpose through our lived experiences.

When I searched for a religious community, I happened upon The Sisters of St Joseph of Boston. Their goal as a group of sisters was and is the desire to be a presence of Unity and Reconciliation to the people they work with, thus a healing presence.

Many of us are on the cusp of discovering and living out our life purpose. Our eyes are open wide to the fear and pain around us, as it is expressed all over the TV, our workplaces, our communities, and within our hearts.

For me, I realize I am growing when feelings of frustration and resentment emerge. These two common feelings emerge when I have chosen to go along with someone else’s desires or plans instead of following my own heart. When this happens, I begin to judge my choice and become resentful with the other person finding myself judging them. What did the other person do? Nothing!

When I recognize this has happened, I apologize to the person and offer self-love and healing toward myself. The lesson learned is, to be honest with me about my own needs and desires and recognize that I am more than worthy of having wants and needs.

I know that these experiences lead me deeper into the core of my purpose as a healer. Learning to heal my wounds that live deep in my heart is so important. One area that I am experiencing growth is with my inner child. Many of us have experienced rejection and hurt that stems from our childhood. I have learned a new motto. When someone around me is acting out, I repeat to myself, “ I am not going to play in your playground today,” And walk away. (I didn’t like the feeling as a child of being bullied by others. Most of the time, it happened on the playground.)

It is such a freeing feeling to understand where our triggers come from. Once we do, they no longer hold us captive.

This week spend time reflecting on your life. What areas have you been drawn to? What guides you? What are some of the areas that trigger your fears, anger, hurt. It is all here to help us grow into wholeness and the fullness of our life purpose. This is such a blessed time for all of us! We indeed are on the precipice of something magnificent.

Have a wonderful week!

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