Our Guardian Angels

Welcome to the Season of Joy. Hopefully, you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and are enjoying some well-deserved downtime. For the next few weeks, we will focus on different Holiday Stories. This week's focus is on George Bailey and his Guardian Angel Clarence. The movie is called "A Wonderful Life." Whenever I watch this movie, I experience anxiety and frustration. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but in George's case, his world falls apart when his Uncle misplaces a Deposit from their bank. We meet Clarence, who is an angel hoping to get his wings. His task is to help George understand his life's importance and value despite the challenges he faces. Clarence shows George how life would have evolved if he hadn't been born. George realizes the most important gift is love. His family, friends, and acquaintances come to his aide, offering generosity and kindness at one of the most challenging times in his life.

The holiday season comes and goes quickly. For most, it is a time of rushing around to purchase the latest bargain then stressing out because of all that is yet to be accomplished. This year may be different, though. As a nation, we have been invited to pause, stay home, and take care of ourselves. This is a difficult task because we are so used to moving from one thing to the next. In the story, George works many hours with little time for himself or his family. If we spend our time focused on what we need to do next, we will miss the present moment's joy. When this happens, we lose sight of the larger story. We are all connected, so the choices we make will impact everyone around us. Each of us has at least one Guardian Angel, who is always by our side, offering guidance and love. When we focus on the present moment, we have the opportunity to experience simplicity and joy. Take a look around you! The beauty of this season is filled with love. Sit by your Christmas Tree and embrace the quiet. Take a ride around your neighborhood to view the lights aglow. Listen to your favorite holiday music and allow it to flow through you. Doing these and other rituals will ignite the light that lives so brightly within your soul.

George Bailey lost sight of the beauty of his soul. He forgot to trust his authentic self. Thank god for his Guardian Angel Clarence, who did get his wings. This week take time to get to know your Guardian Angel. Invite your angel to come forth and offer you a message. Ask your angel to help you recognize its presence. Call on your angel for guidance and protection each morning before you begin your day. Have a beautiful week.

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