New Life

New life is born from courage, perseverance, gratitude, struggle, and pain. It rises deep from within our heart center. Our heart center is rich with the fullness of unconditional love. Our heart center is one with God, the essence of love. We are in the Springtime of our lives. We can approach our journey with hope in our hearts or dread at our doorstep. The choice is ours to make.

With each day, we are given a new beginning. If we rise with gratitude in our hearts, the day will be filled with new possibilities and wonder. Many days we struggle to find a balance between our ego self and our heart center. Our heart center calls forth our authentic self. Our ego-self entices us with words that keep us feeling down and depressed, often making us doubt our choices.

Many times I have said that we are at the moment of transformation. This transformation comes from within us, rising through ashes into the light.

What brings forth your light, your joy? The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a beautiful time to reflect on

the light that shines deep within each of us. Yet this light shines bright not only in me but my neighbor. It is time for us to see and reverence this light in each person, animal, and earth.

Remember, the person in front of you is a reflection of God’s love. The people we meet, see on TV, and read about who hurt themselves and others show us their pain, fear, and loss. They have lost touch with their heart center, so they need our love and prayer for healing. It is one way to change our world. Seeing with the eyes of love and forgiveness will bring healing to others, our world, and our earth.

It’s time to recognize the beauty and love that awaits you. Ask for guidance and wait with anticipation! It is all within you!

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