Nature’s Beauty

Have you ever observed the beauty of the ocean? The ebb and flow of the waves can be mesmerizing. If we pay close attention, we can experience oneness as we breathe with the ebb and flow of the tides.

Humans and nature are closely aligned with each other. Have you noticed the increase in the number of storms we are encountering? Nature appears to be having the same experiences as we humans. The number of peaceful protests has increased along with a strong message for a change from citizens all over the world. The fierce storms lately have produced tornadoes and torrential rains. Sometimes I become frightened by the ominous strength of the storms. There are so many unknowns. Many people are angry with our current situation both in the USA and around the world. This can create fear and cause people to easily lash out at oneself and others. With the storms comes clearing out. Sometimes if we live too close to the edge, the storms can wipe out whole areas. It can be devastating for many.

For many years we have lived in a society that has allowed and encouraged bigotry, sexism homophobia, and racism, to name a few. Many of us have experienced some of these personally; In our schools, classrooms, workplaces, and even family units. What this has done is to pit human beings against one another because of our differences. Doing so has allowed others to take advantage of opportunities by stepping quietly into positions of power. Once in a position of power, it was essential to continue to encourage the status quo. This has hurt us as a human race. We are all equal parts of a whole. We are meant to be different from one another. Our differences help to create new ways of being; new ways of experiencing love. I want to understand your struggles. Your struggles help to reveal the beauty of your soul, your true self. We need to watch and learn from the beauty and fierceness of nature. She is pushing us toward change and transformation. We, in turn, are pushing each other to do the same. Within the chaos, there is a tornado growing that needs to be released so that it can experience a freedom like never before. In the days and weeks to come, it will be important to listen to our hearts and observe nature. This week pay attention to your breath. Many of us forget to breathe. Try to take deep breaths throughout your day. This will help you to stay focused in the present moment.

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