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Misconception 2 Grief and mourning progress in predictable, orderly stages.

Wolfelt relates this misconception to the 5 stages of grief that Elisabeth Kubler Ross defined in 1969. We as a human community have evolved in so many ways since they were defined. We know that life itself has no predictable order. We have heard the phrase “life happens while we are making other plans.” The stages of course are denial, anger bargaining, depression and acceptance. If we allow our hearts to lead the way our grief and mourning will be authentic to our true selves. Siblings in a family will grieve in very different ways. Just as each child may be raised the same in a family but have different experiences. Paying attention to our feelings and thoughts will inevitably give us the opportunity to work through our grief. Today reflect on the ways you process your emotions in difficult situations. Is the difficulty you may be feeling related to an unresolved loss you experienced? Remember we are always processing so you may find yourself reflecting on an issue from your childhood.


CHOOSE JOY-Resolved, that I will take each precious minute, and relish all the joy within it. Kathleen Rice

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