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Mindfulness and Gratitude

For what am I grateful? At the moment, it may be challenging to feel grateful. It's tough to feel thankful with feelings of anger and sadness. Gratitude is a state of the heart, and most think it's a state of mind. When we are bogged down by our perceived realities, work home, school, unfulfilled desires, we miss all of the beauty in front of us. Most of us focus on what happens next or what we missed yesterday. We can blindly walk through a day, then later find ourselves unable to remember what happened during the day, as though it was a faint memory. How many of us drive from one destination to another then wonder how we just arrived there? It may not very comforting.

Many people live with loss, physical and emotional pain. Some manage their experiences as part of the journey that can help them evolve into their authentic selves. Yet others become the loss and pain they experience, allowing these experiences to define who they are.

Sometimes it takes a near-death experience or a loss to awaken our inner selves to the experience of gratitude. As a child, I heard my birth story, and it was traumatic for my parents and me. Knowing that I made it through with the love and care provided to me and my parents gave me a feeling of gratefulness because I was alive! I had made it—what a gift.

It framed my Attitude about life. I recognized at an early age that life could be fragile. I felt connected to everything and everyone and knew that my presence, actions, and words could impact another's life, including Nature. When I encounter a turtle, I experience a feeling of joy and excitement. I am grateful for the experience. It is the way I meet life.

When we slow down and focus on the present moment, we can experience mindfulness. It can be challenging to be present because our minds are always active, fighting for control. When we stop, focus on the moment, breathe in and out slowly, our attention shifts to our heart center. Our other senses become sharper, more attuned, and we see and experience life on a higher level. Practicing this can offer us a sense of peacefulness. There are so many tools to help create an attitude of gratitude.

Daily affirmations

Gratitude journals

Breathing techniques

Guided meditation

Mindfulness exercises



and many more.

This week I offer a gratitude meditation from Manifest with Jess! Have a beautiful week!

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