Do you find thoughts coming in to your mind at random as though you have no control over them? Do you get to your destination and cannot remember a simple function such as having locked the front door, turned off the iron etc? We tend to live so much of our lives on autopilot that it can feel as though our minds have a will of their own and that the thoughts that come to us are random. Mindfulness teaches us how not to let random thinking swamp us, but to observe it and then regain control over our own minds.

Identify a piece of jewelry that you wear—a pendant, a ring or a watch—to which you can attribute “mindfulness.” Throughout the day when you look at it or touch it, let it be a prompt for you to bring yourself into the present moment.

Follow your breath in and out and return—within seconds—to what you were doing or talking about with renewed mindfulness.

The little book of mindfulness—Tiddy Rowan

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