Messages from our Angels and Guides

We all have heard from our Angels and Guides. Sometimes though, we may not recognize that it is they that are speaking to us. Have you ever had a conversation with yourself? Many times that is where our answers come from as a result of questions or problems we may have. I have learned that when I hear positive words or suggestions, it is my angels/guides speaking to me. When I hear words like can’t shouldn’t, not good enough, not worthy, it is my ego trying to control and sabotage the outcome of my situation. Many of us have more than one angel. Our guides are our friends and loved ones who have passed away. They are here in spirit to help guide us on our journeys. Ultimately our angels and guides are present to us so that we will make healthy choices that will bring about our happiness.

Our Universe/world is in the midst of a significant transformation. It can be lonely and frightening. Many of us are cocooning in our homes. We are lucky if we have family members that live with us. Many of us live alone independently. Now is the time to talk to our loved ones and angels. We may feel alone, but I can assure you we are not. I often talk to my many aunts who were my strength when they were alive. Just yesterday, I asked one of them a question, and she gave me the answer, but alas, I thought it was me.

Later I realized it was my aunt giving me the answer. How will you know if it is an Angel or Guide?

You may experience a chill in various parts of your body or a feather-like feeling near your ear. You may even feel something touch you. Our guides and loved ones often reassure us through music, such as a favorite song when this happens to recognize that our angels and guides are right beside us, offering comfort and love.

These days will pass. We will look back at this time as a gift, a treasure because we were given the time to evolve and grow into our true selves, our God Selves. This week take time to journal or talk to the Angels and your guides. I guarantee you will feel their presence and love.

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