Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day is the time to plant our flowers, herbs, and vegetable gardens. It is a reminder that summer is just around the corner. Memorial Day is also the time we remember with love and gratitude the many who died in service to our country and our beloved loved ones who have passed on. For many, this Memorial Day will be very different. Many services of remembrance have been either postponed or canceled. We find ourselves caught in two worlds; one of fear and the other of transformation. Wearing masks, gatherings of 10 or less, and social distancing of six feet will make it difficult to celebrate the beginning of summer. Our freedom to move about without restrictions has been very challenging for many of us. I am a fortunate woman. Many of my uncles served in WWII. They all returned home to families who rejoiced with thanksgiving for the gift of a new beginning. Many men and women who have served our country now experience PTSD. They fought for our freedom. Yet they came home changed, some imprisoned by their experience of war.

Compassion, empathy, patience, and unconditional love is what they deserve. Monday at 3:00 pm, Taps will be played by the gifted who can play the trumpet. Trumpeters will play from their windows, front porches, stoops, etc. to honor all who have served and lost their lives. At this same time, many will be planting flowers at gravesites to remember their loved ones. Yet many will be planting gardens in hopes of reaping the magic of the seeds sown. I am so thankful for the gift of family. I have experienced many losses, both family, friends, and beloved fur babies. I remember the many blessings they offered to me. The growth I experienced by their unconditional love and the hope and knowledge that I will see them again. I miss them each day and, at the same time, feel their presence with me, guiding my every step. This week light a candle, share a pastry, and raise your glass to our loved ones and the strangers who have changed our lives forever!

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