When I begin to meditate, I call upon my higher self to guide me. She always meets me in a green field just before trees lead into a forest. Last night I asked her why we always meet here. She told me that as we walk into the woods among the trees, we are embraced with love and reminded that we are all connected as one. The Earth is vibrant, sending energy and love to each of us. Being among the trees offers peace and solace. It’s a place where I experience the presence of God. We can be led on beautiful journeys in meditation if we are open and allow ourselves to be guided by our Angels and higher selves. Meditation is easier than we think. Meditation begins with focusing on our breathing, slowly breathing in from our abdomen, holding it for the count of 3, then releasing the breath from our mouth. When you do this three times, it brings you back to the present moment. I then continue breathing with the in-breath. I focus on positive words: love, kindness, healer, etc. Then on the out-breath, I release all that no longer serves me anger, hurt, resentment, etc.

I find meditation can help me to remain peaceful and present. We have so many distractions at the moment. For some, prayer brings forth a peaceful feeling. Some chose the rosary, some sit in the presence of the Eucharist in a church setting. There are so many ways to experience the presence of God in our lives. Sometimes we are in the presence of a person and wonder if we have just met God.

Each living entity holds the presence of God. Our soul is the living presence of God; love. Once we can recognize this in ourselves, we will recognize it in others. Meditation and prayer offer us the opportunity to release the pain and hurt we carry daily. Breathing in affirmations can transform our whole being. It is so easy to hold onto the pain and hurt. It takes a little more work to focus on the positive. This week take the time to focus on your breathing. Try it three times a day. Slowly take three deep breaths breathing in slowly positive affirmations, then release all that no longer serves you on the out-breath. Have a beautiful week.

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