This week I realized how important it is to see behind a mask. We, as a community at large, have been asked to wear masks. By doing this, we can help provide safety for our friends and neighbors who may be compromised. When a person comes into our office, I am the official greeter. Each person must remove their mask for their temperature to be taken. I realized this week how much I rely on one's facial expressions. Noticing one's facial expression has become very difficult for me while wearing a mask. When I look at someone, if I pay close attention, I can identify feelings of emotion. The person in front of me may not even realize this. Have you noticed the choices people are making when purchasing masks? A mask can give us a glimpse into someone's heart. We are in the midst of a transformation. We are moving from within our cocoons to a new moment, a new beginning. Our masks our temporary. Many of us have literally been wearing masks all of our lives. One mask I have removed is the mask called "the need to be liked." I created this mask as a small child because I felt unworthy. Other children told me and acted in ways that showed me I was not worthy of their friendship. Another mask that has worn itself out and has been removed is called "fake happiness." I created this mask from the experience of feeling judged by others because I was different. I internalized this and found that I started judging my self because I believed what others told me was the truth. I have released these masks, thanked them for there lessons, and let them go. Our experience of cocooning has given us the opportunity to remove these masks. We have the chance to hold these masks gently and lovingly so that our authenticity and true self can shine forth. At our core, we each house a pearl. This pearl is unconditional love. It shines brightly within each of us. The masks we wear protect and hide well this beautiful pearl. I believe it is time for each of us to reveal the beauty that lives within. My heart is ready. My heart is open. When I allow myself to be open, I allow myself to receive the love the universe is waiting to offer. This week reflect on the types of masks that may you wear. Spend time with them. Let them share their story. Release them and experience the beauty of unconditional love.

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