I find myself quite emotional these days. We are working hard each day to heal ourselves of pain and loss. Twice I have experienced outbursts while in conversation, shocked by my response. I thought I had worked through my anger and feelings of abandonment. Not only was I shook, so were the recipients of my outburst. So much for believing I am healed. My outburst came from a place that must hide deep within me. It would have been easy for me to judge myself for my outburst. These feelings belong to me; they are honest and raw. I could have judged myself. Instead, I found myself reflecting on my feelings and realized I was mirroring the person in front of me. The pain was pure and raw on their face. I felt such compassion for them but found myself unable to respond. Did I need to apologize for my feelings? My words were honest; it was the delivery that was unusual. It is such a necessary time of healing for each of us. The biggest obstacle we face is our own self-judgment. Loving myself through these difficult emotions will help to release my pain. I can feel the tears waiting to release a small river of healing love into the Universe. I embrace the beauty that lies deep within me and thank my loving God for this moment of reflection.

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