Love our birthright!

Have you ever witnessed the birth of a child, had the experience of holding, nurturing, and cuddling a newborn baby? How did you feel the first moment you met and were able to hold your adopted baby or child? My experience was exhilarating. I felt sheer joy and gratitude. I felt a fullness within my heart like no other. You see, I was witnessing pure love, a gift freely given. Unconditional love is our birthright. When watching a baby begins to crawl or take the first step, we become excited, hopeful that soon they will be able to walk. Then the exploration begins, so the adult becomes the safety net attempting to guide the toddler in the right direction away from harm. It becomes complicated than as a child continues to grow to hold them back from exploring this new world. A child learns behaviors and rituals to feel accepted and loved. A child may even take on the energy of the adult and become slightly fearful of exploration. What is it we love so much about babies, toddlers, and children? It is their capacity to be in the moment, to be their authentic self. A child loves you for who you are in the present moment. How did you feel after being greeted by a child you had not seen for a while? Were the feelings so intense that it brought tears to your eyes? This is love. Love is a feeling that comes from deep within our hearts. Love arises and reveals itself fully when we are presently living our authenticity. The depth of our love is immense. When we become hurt or frightened, we tend to close our hearts. We unconsciously hold onto and push down our feelings. This creates a barrier within, and we hide our authentic selves. Yet love continues to invite us to feel its beauty. We experience love in nature, in the faces of people we meet, and celebrations, to name a few. These experiences help us to evoke feelings from within that we may not recognize at the moment as love. Once we realize this feeling as love, we can draw out and release the fear bringing us back to our authentic self. This week pay attention to how you feel at various moments. Don’t judge your feelings embrace them, recognize what is happening at the moment, and then release them to the universe, giving thanks for the experience.

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