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Love manifested into being

We celebrate Valentine’s Day this week. Many people fall into the trap of having to prove their love with purchases of flowers and candy. Time moves so quickly these days. We continue to focus on getting things done, then remember that it is a time to celebrate love.

Love is a manifestation, a feeling deep within that is difficult to put into words. It evokes a sense of oneness with another being. For most, it is a sense of wonder and connection with one other person. It may be a connection with family members, our community, an animal, or nature that manifests this feeling for others.

Our expression of love is a gift to that person, and of course, there are many ways to offer love. When we choose commitment, we express this in action by caring for each other’s daily needs. Many who fall in love make a life commitment to one other person. Yet sometimes, after many years realize that their love has evolved to its fullest potential and feel there is no more room for growth. And others continue to fall in love daily.

Self-love is the key. Loving ourselves as unique individuals created in love will guide our relationships with others. When I have not taken the time to care for myself, I resent myself and others. I become angry. Once I realize these feelings and understand their context, I can let them go. I then can find the space I need to rejuvenate my heart and soul. Offering the required attention and love to myself frees me to show genuine love to my partner.

We have an opportunity to experience universal love daily; we first must learn how to recognize this need in ourselves and act on it. Then we can model it for others by living authentically as loving human beings. Many of us realize that for some, love may not mean forever. What will remain will be how our experience of love has changed and transformed us. Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to tell our loved ones how much their love means us. I suggest we offer this as a message daily by expressing our gratitude for the gift they are to us. Follow your heart let it speak to you. It will transform your world and the others around you.

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