Little Pearls

Have you noticed the heaviness in the air this week? I found myself struggling to keep my center focused and positive this past week. Our workplace had been positive and peaceful, but with the return of one new person, the office's balance was thrown to the wind. The lightness in the air became heavy, and the positive energy disappeared. At the end of the day, I took a 4-mile ride on my bike and was so tired one night that I hesitated but decided to ride. I invited Gaia to show me her beauty as I rode. Halfway through the ride, I felt the heaviness of my energy begin to lift and realized it was the gift of Mother Earth's unconditional love providing healing to my weary soul.

I was so grateful when Friday arrived, hoping for a quiet weekend. I always look for the positive in situations I encounter. While having a routine exam, the technician mentioned how she and her husband had lost their full-time jobs back in March. They had worked for many years, trying to maintain their livelihood. While home these few months, they decided to change their way of life. They realized how meaningful their relationship was and was grateful for the time. As a couple, they agreed that family was more important and made a decision to work fewer hours per week. While listening to her story, I reflected on how others may have similar experiences. I became hopeful and excited, knowing how this can help create change within our communities and world. Later on Friday, our Nation was told of the death of a true Heroine, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After hearing this, my heart sank, and my anxiety level went pretty high. I took a long deep breath and realized it was out of my control, and there was nothing I could do. I am grateful to have experienced the benefits of her heroism as a Supreme Court Justice. She fought valiantly for the rights of all people.

Of course, both the media and politicians exhibiting their anxiety offered a quick regret for her loss of life and then moved on to who will replace her. They did this with the world watching as our country continues to struggle. What has happened to us? When did we become so polarized and self-centered as Nation with no regard for one another? As we grieve this loss, I hope that we can show the politicians and the media the importance of pause and reflection. RBG believed in us as a nation. We are on the verge of something new. I leave you with a quote from RBG on the meaning of life. About her legacy, she said, "To make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that's what I think a meaningful life is. One lives not just for oneself but for one's community."

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