Letting Go Part 2

As we move from the beauty of Autumn, we enter into the time of letting go. Last week I shared a story that I ponder each year, The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. His journey is quite similar to ours. As humans, we are always letting go, hopefully changing or evolving. Yet with fall, It is more dramatic because we see the changes in nature. It is a reminder that the darkness becomes more prevalent. We have been living in this darkness all year. The pandemic and the chaos surrounding us daily in the news is bleak.

Letting go brings grace into our lives. When we let go of what no longer serves us, we open our hearts to new ideas, hopes, and new beginnings.

For many years It was my privilege to walk with individuals and families grappling with the end of life. One of the biggest challenges for everyone was the act of letting go. We all come from different backgrounds with different belief systems. Within our family systems, we grow and change. Sometimes this can bring pain and hurt to other family members, causing regret, anger, and distance. When this happens, it becomes difficult to let go of our past hurt. We remember how much we loved how it used to be because it made us happy and gave us a feeling of wholeness. When we hold onto the past, we miss out on the present moment. We miss the growth in our loved one and the beauty of their experiences. I would always encourage the families I worked with to share happy memories while with their loved ones. When families were able to do this, they could focus on the present moment with gratitude and thanksgiving. Sometimes though, an individual dying found it challenging to receive the love offered because they were holding on to the past unable to forgive themselves.

Watching the earth change is an actual example for each of us. None of us like the feeling of letting go. But letting go is courageous and brings freedom. Many of us may have planned vacations this year, had jobs that no longer exist with concern about how we will pay our bills or feed our families. Our belief system for our country has vanished overnight. To meet this new moment, we will have to let go of everything we know and understand. We share two things in common:

1. We are in this together as one

2. Love is the only answer.

Last week I lost a beautiful Aunt. The pain was riveting, and the grief immense. Her husband, children, and grandchildren loved her unconditionally. With beauty and grace, she let go of this world and walked into the next. I believe as she let go of one family she was embraced by those she had not seen in years.

This week spend time in nature, listen to your heart, and give thanks for this moment!

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