Kindness and Diversity

It is so easy to be with people who are similar to us culturally. Our stories capture priceless memories. We speak in our own language and eat the foods we love. We become complacent. Then a new family moves in next door who is different from us. Many of us welcome our neighbors, wanting them to feel at home in their new environment. Reaching out to our neighbors can change our world. We are in such divisive times. I have found that a simple act of kindness can change a person's attitude and help them feel better about themselves. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then we are all equal. We are all made of energy.

What if spirituality is only an act of kindness, a reaching out to another human being. Each of us has beautiful and vibrant life stories, has experienced pain and sadness, and was raised with a particular religion. None of these defines us. The essence of love, our spiritual energy within, defines us. Its purity and light emanate throughout our body, generating it out to others and our universe. When we reach out to another with an act of kindness, God is present. This weekend we remember our loved ones who served our country so that we might live with freedom. We have become self-centered people who care about no one but ourselves. Our neighbor has become our enemy. On the battlefield, it didn’t matter where you came from. What mattered was that the other person had your back. We have the power to change our future. We are empowered to be our authentic selves. If you hate..ask yourself why? What pain are you holding onto?

The pain and sadness we hold onto will, over time, create physical issues in our tissues, blockages. We are energy, and this flow of energy is impacted by the blockages we create. If the energy is unable to move through, our light will dim. The moment is now! It is time to take care of your personal needs to heal those aspects of ourselves that hold us captive. Why not offer a simple act of kindness to yourself. Go for a mani-pedi, meditate, sit in nature, walk on the beach, take a nap, pay attention to the words you use. I have felt so many anxious people relax once being shown an act of kindness. Take the time this week to take care of yourself and offer an act of kindness to one other person. I guarantee you will feel light and happy.

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