Have you ever experienced the kindness of another person? How did it make you feel? Acts of kindness can change a person's day, for some, their lives. Many of us have been recipients of a kind act. I love paying for the person behind me when going through a Starbucks drive-thru. One never knows what another person is going through. The act allows me to reach out to a stranger. Who knows that stranger may do the same for another person. This type of kindness is easy.

I am alive and well today because a kind black soldier gave blood many years ago. You see, I needed a blood transfusion as a newborn. We live our lives with the hope that we will experience love, peace, and prosperity. For some, this comes easy for others; it is more difficult to attain. We each are born into existing family units. Most of us come from immigrant ancestors who worked hard to maintain their family unit while working full time for small wages. As a child, I witnessed kindness often as my grandparents would offer food and a glass of wine to neighbors and friends who visited. I wasn't aware of their struggles to keep it together until I was much older. Encouraging their children to grow and evolve into their authentic selves was the core of their success. Celebrating little moments of joy and happiness helped create a depth of love within me. We know most family's struggle to balance work and home life. Thankfully I grew up in a loving home environment. We are all struggling to find a balance now. Many are out of work struggling to pay bills, and many are working still struggling to pay bills. It can cause anxiety and fear because we each deserve love, peace, and prosperity. Being kind to another is essential. If we hold onto our pain because we lack what we desire, we only hurt ourselves. We are then unable to receive from others a kind gesture or word.

We have lived in our separate little worlds for so long we have forgotten that our neighbors live in the same world. It's time to come out of our comfortable cocoons, introduce ourselves, and recognize we belong to one human family. There are many ways to be kind. Let us first practice kindness with those closest to us, including ourselves. This week recognize the moment's others reach out to you with kindness then rejoice because this was a gift freely given.

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