It's Christmas time

One of my favorite Christmas albums is Melissa Etheridge's "A New Thought for Christmas." One of her songs, "It's Christmas time," speaks of creating peace on earth by healing our pain and our loss. One line in particular touches my soul "WE ARE CONNECTED, ONE FAMILY OF LIGHT." After hearing this, I pictured the universe as one beautiful light, an energy of love. We, as a collective, are this energy of love.

I am always enamored by the Season of Christmas. There is magic in the air that changes the hearts of people. People appear to be more kind and patient toward one another. It is as if a switch has been turned on, and our attitudes become positive. Yet on January 1st, the energy in the air becomes deflated. If we are one energy of light/love, then when one of us is hurt or in pain, this light is dimmed. Have you ever reached out to someone experiencing pain and hurt? When we are lost in our pain and hurt, we tend to push away those who desire to offer love and support. When people are down, I have found they are unable to recognize their beauty and don't feel worthy to receive the support and love offered. Have you ever met an abused pet? Most shy away from our signs of affection, fearful that they will be hurt again. Why is it so difficult for us to live in our light every day? Many of us have been asked to stay home and shelter ourselves from Covid 19. What if this is a time for us to work through our pain and hurt, to experience the light of healing. Once we experience healing, the energy of love and light changes our perceptions from sadness and loss to contentment and joy. We are connected, one family of light. Fear is an emotion that makes us turn inward to protect ourselves from being hurt again by others. Love is an emotion that evokes an action of selfless compassion and empathy for ourselves and others. When we act with love, we can change our world and the world as a whole. Another line from one of Melissa's song is "Heaven is inside, not only above choose only love." Heaven IS inside each of us and represents our light that shines bright with love. This week light a candle and reflect on the light that shines within you.

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