In Gratitude

We rarely have an opportunity to meet a person who embodies unconditional love. A person who sees us through the eyes of innocence. Have you ever met such a person?

Having someone in our life like this can help us grow and evolve in ways we can only imagine. It can be challenging because many of us struggle daily to find and experience the self-love that lives deep within us. Sometimes we meet people who make us feel broken on many levels. Then we become that person unhappy, resentful, etc. When this happens, others can feel it, and it spreads, causing negative energy all around us.

So why then is it difficult for us to believe the experience of a person who views us through the heart of unconditional love? Have we been so programmed to think that love can only be earned if we are good?

A friend of mine, Mary, died this week! She lived a life of Gratitude of joy and was of service to others each day. The Sisters of Charity adopted Mary along with a number of other young women many years ago. The Sisters loved each woman as their own. After I was hired to work with the Sisters, Mary befriended me. I was surprised by her eagerness to help and her constant presence each day. She was determined to make me feel welcome. She did this with everyone she met. Mary’s presence was a reflection of Jesus incarnated. She helped me to see the beauty within my own soul, the essence of love.

I consider myself to be a very blessed woman. This week reflect on the people in your life who embody the essence of unconditional love and let them know just how important they are to you!

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