Humpty Dumpty

We are at a breaking point. This week people were anxious and angry. Living in Florida has become quite a challenge. People here are frustrated because of the limitations of wearing masks and limited or no visitations at hospitals. One man, I spoke with fell and had a fracture. At the hospital, he felt neglected with his care because of the high numbers of Covid patients being cared for. If you watch different news stations, you may notice news stories reported with polarized views. At one point in my lifetime, a news story was just reported without judgment.

The egg is cracked! Humpty Dumpty is falling off the wall. Will, we standby and watch the fall then walk away? Will we stop and help Humpty pick up the pieces? It starts with each of us offering a simple kindness with our words and actions. This week many people came into the Doctor's office with complaints. Trying to remain open with a listening heart was very difficult. The patients were upset with a breakdown in communication between the office and their needs. It was unfortunate because our staff is severely short-handed. It was vital for me not to take on their anxiety or anger. It wasn't easy. Some of the ways I kept myself calm and present were by remembering to take deep breaths, grounding myself, calling on the angels, and constantly offering positive affirmations to myself.

What do you do to remain present and calm?

What will happen when the egg breaks open is a mystery. I believe we are transforming into something beautiful. We are experiencing labor pains. Remember to take care of yourself. Rest, be present in nature for at least 20 minutes if you can! Use the affirmations I offer each day. Remain present in the moment, ground yourself and call on the Divine, your angels, and loved ones to guide you.

Remember to listen for their answers.

This week's affirmations will focus on Peace. Have a beautiful week!

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