Hope and Fear

We are on the cusp of transformational change like never before. The chaos we are in the midst of is part of this change. Some people are angry and frightened, and people who are calmly waiting with hope. Each moment seems to change the perspective. Some countries have chosen to go back into lockdown with the hope of limiting the number of people exposed to the Corona Virus. For some people, it may seem like the end of the world as we know it. We have become very complacent. We watch violence on TV on the news and various programming, so it has become the norm. Have we become numb to it?

The chaos we are witnessing and experiencing is meant to jolt us out of compliance. I am spending more time in the quiet, in nature, trying to remain in the present moment. While in these moments, I listen, attentive to my heart. Paying attention to how I am feeling at any given moment is so important now. I often judge my feelings when my heart asks that I acknowledge them with love and release them to the universe. When I can do this, I feel so much lighter and peaceful inside. It isn’t easy though we have been taught for generations to discount our feelings. Most of us tend to push our feelings inward. It can become harmful to our wellbeing, not to mention our relationship with ourselves and others. Allowing our emotions to flow with acknowledgment and love leads to acceptance and openness. When this happens, the truth of our soul is revealed.

The unknown, for most, can be frightening. The fear around us can draw us into negativity and frustration. We can choose to remain calm and centered. Acknowledge the fear, but don’t let it infiltrate the beauty of you! Examine the fear. Most of the time, our fear is perceived as real but is not. If we recognize this, we can move beyond it. The next few months will be challenging. Focus on what brings you calm and peace. As for me, I am listening to Christmas music, spending time in quiet and prayer, and listing all that I am grateful for, which includes each of you. Have a beautiful week!

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